Raw Blossom Honey


Honey is considered pure and natural since nature has generously offered it to us. It provides energy, stimulation and enjoyment. Honey is one of the foods which should be introduced in daily life, because it has to offer us a number of beneficial ingredients to the body.

Thyme Honey


The Cyprus thyme honey has strong aroma and full taste.It is considered the best and most expensive honey in Cyprus.

Many people ask us "what should I eat?  Raw or boiled honey?” As “Machairas Mountain" we believe it is a matter of choice of each person according to his needs. Many of us say that I prefer the boiled honey because it is easier to use and others tell us that prefer to eat raw honey because it has a higher nutritional value of boiled honey. We as "Machairas Mountain" we have for you both options. your choice what you want to use!


Blossom Honey


The rich flora of Cyprus allows us to produce blossom honey that is rich and unique. Blossom honey is mainly composed of orange blossom, Myrofora, Mersin Allen and other wild plants of Cyprus.

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