Michalis Filippou

Production Manager (Bee-Keeper)

Nikos Filippou

Production Manager (Bee-Keeper)

Valentinos Filippou


Melios Filippou


Machairas Mountain

A company, a family


Our company has created new and modern units for beehives that meet all the requirements for the protection of bees and the products derived from them.

The "apiary Mountain Machairas" have one of the most modern facilities for processing and packaging honey, royal jelly and pollen to reach you keeping all its nutritional values intact.



Having the responsibility for the entire production process of honey from the hive to your table, we can assure you of the high quality and authenticity.



Michael Filippou and Kostas Chimonas since 1983 professionally engaged in the production and distribution of original bee products throughout Cyprus. With their hard work and their love for the bees able to build the company 'M.F. (Mount Machairas) LTD "is today one of the largest honey companies in Cyprus.


The Filippou and Chimona families with sole thinking about the customers and their health tried over the last 30 years to offer the best to consumers, giving priority to product quality, the creation of good relations with the company's customers and the protection of Cyprus honey. Our company today has 2000 beehives which are transferred during the summer season in all Cyprus covering all flowering species of the island (e.g. thyme, orange, wildflower, etc.). Also engaged in producing genuine Cypriot royal jelly and pollen.

Our family business engaged in beekeeping since 1983. Over the years, through hard work and love for the bees we were able to create a relationship of trust with our customers.

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